Sunday, May 30, 2010

StarTribune article on Young's General Store

Reprinted from the Star Tribune, February 16, 2002 (Variety section, page 1E)

One-stop shopping

By Robert Franklin; Staff Writer 

The potatoes and onions rest in bins below the drill bits and screwdrivers, near the rental videos. Earrings are displayed near the snack crackers, and the key-making machine and moccasins are kitty-corner from the bath towels and cake mixes.

Here, near the front door, is nearly everything you need for the outdoors - sweatshirts, picnic coolers and, oh, yes, Middle River greeting cards to send home. Along with a kerosene lamp and, for just $42.39, a new but old-fashioned pitcher pump for the hunting cabin.

This is Young's General Store, also old-fashioned, a third-generation family business that offers groceries, hardware, clothing, boots, over-the-counter drugs and dry goods, a place to drop off film and dry cleaning or maybe pick up lottery tickets and fishing licenses.